Other Ceremonies



A commitment ceremony is requested for several reasons, all to do with circumstances personnel to the couple.

Same sex commitment ceremonies also fall into this category.

This type of ceremony is not a legally binding.

This ceremony allows a couple to demonstrate their love and commitment to each other and plan a lifelong partnership, celebrate with their family and friends as they acknowledge the couples wishes.

I can work with you to make your day special and unique to your needs and dreams.



To celebrate of a marriage milestone in your life be it a special year of marriage or a celebration to acknowledge the conquering of a rough patch or serious illness in your lives or other reason specific to you as a couple.

Your may have been married at an overseas destination you had always dreamed of, and now wishing to share that experience and celebrate you love and commitment with family and friends unable to attend that day.



A day to celebrate and welcome a child / children into the family

This is not a legally binding ceremony, and generally a non religious ceremony however it is your choice if you wish to add any religious content there are many beautiful symbolic ceremonies which can be included to suit and make your day unique to your circumstances.

I am more than happy to work with you to achieve the day you have wished for.

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